Welcome to The Tucker Butterfly Garden!
            Welcome to The Tucker Butterfly Garden!

2017 Tucker Butterfly Garden and Trees of Tucker Workdays and Garden Events:


Trees of Tucker workdays (2nd Thursday mornings of the month)

Tucker Butterfly Garden (4th Thursday mornings of the month)

Feb 23 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

Mar 9 - Trees of Tucker workday

Mar 23 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

Apr 13 - Trees of Tucker workday

Apr 27 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

May 11 - Trees of Tucker workday

May 18(3rd Thursday) - Tucker Butterfly Garden Workday

Jun 8 - Trees of Tucker workday

Jun 22 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

Jul 13 - Trees of Tucker workday

July 14(Friday) - Butterfly and Friends

Jul 20(3rd Thursday) -  Tucker Butterfly Gardent workday

Aug 10 - Trees of Tucker workday

Aug 24 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

Sep 14 - Trees of Tucker workday

Sep 28 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

Oct 12 - Trees of Tucker workday

Oct 26 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

Nov 16 - Tucker Butterfly Garden workday

2017 Completed workdays and tasks:

Feb 27 - Workday: Mulched Leaves
Mar 9 -  Workday: Weeded Butterfly Garden Pathway

Mar 23 - Workday: Weeded and Mulched Butterfly Garden pathway. Applied Labels to Plant Stakes and Installed Signs to corresponding plants

Apr 13 - Workday: Trees of Tucker Spruce up and planting of zinnias at the Butterfly Garden

Apr 27 - Workday: Hosted Artios Academy group with tour and presentation of butterflies

May 11 - Workday: Spruce up the Butterfly garden for the upcoming Tucker Historic Society Garden tour on May 20th

2017 Ongoing/Future Plans and Projects:

  • Improved plant ID markers
  • Annual Butterflies and Friends event
  • Grant applications for an ADA approved pathway in the Butterfly Garden
  • Trees of Tucker Educational Kiosk

2014 Completed workdays and tasks:

Feb 27 - Workday: Pruned the passion vine, asters, golden rod, roses, ironweed, Raked leaves
Cleared drainage area of soil buildup and leaves
Installed five stone cobbles to help direct water flow
Cleaned sidewalk area
Applied "mung" to the White Oak trunk as winter food source
Mar 27 - Workday: Pruned, weeded and raked
Planted 8 - 4" pots Parsley
Weeded along the fence; trimmed the grass
Mulched with 10 bales pine straw
Re-applied "mung"

Apr 24 - Workday: Planted Wooly Dutchman's Pipe Aristolochia tomentosa,
Passion Flower Passiflora incarnata, Plantain-leaf Pussytoes
Antennaria plantaginifolia, Moonvine Ipomea Alba,
Lantana 'Chapel Hill Yellow', Single-petaled Marigolds and Zinnias
May 15 - Workday: Pruned, weeded, top-dressed the pathway to prepare for
May 17 garden tour. Planted Pentas, Zinnias, and 5 Lantana
'Chapel Hill Yellow'. Assessed the severe leaf damage to our
Knockout Roses, sampled for testing through Extension Office.
Jun 26 - Workday: Planted 5 pots of Parsley in hopes of a visit from Eastern Black
Swallowtails...so late making their appearance this year.
Weeded the path and beds, dead-headed spent blossoms, trimmed
the Courthouse yard and the grassy area along the path
Planted Passion Vine donated from Carol R's garden
Trimmed back the bronze fennel that was obscuring Ms. Fritillary
Discussed "Butterflies and Friends" event at Tucker Rec General garden clean-up
July 24 - Workday: Weeded the beds, path and along the fence line
Deadheaded daisies, yarrow, roses, etc.
Trimmed with weed eater around the courthouse and frontage
Maintained the drainage path
Cleaned the sidewalk area
Aug 28 - Workday: Weeded and deadheaded
Learned to operate the newly installed water spigot
Initiated the Native Garden solarization project using 6mil black
plastic secured with staples and mulch
Sept 25 - Workday: Weeded and deadheaded
Planted violas to replace the spent marigolds
Inspected solarized area - it's working!
Oct 23 - Workday: Deadheaded, pruned, raked, weeded
Cleared the drainage ditch
Trimmed the grass around the courthouse
Planted 1 flat of violas
Extended the solarization area to the gate
Nov 20 - Workday: Pruned lantanas, daisies; remove spent pentas and ipomea
Spread the enormous pile of donated hardwood mulch
over solarization area, pathways and Magnolia tree
Raked leaves, mulched with a lawnmower and returned them
to perennial beds